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We are an Australian and New Zealand based company that has been at the forefront of change in bringing cutting-edge coating technology from overseas to the local market.

ECOCLEAN coatings are the next generation of environmentally friendly coatings that use Japanese technology backed by thousands of successful applications in interior and exterior spaces.


Our team has been in the building industry for almost three decades specialising in long-lasting colour applications for exterior surfaces in the built environment.

In 2021, we changed our name to ECOTONE to become a truly local company and to better serve the needs of Australian and New Zealand customers.

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To keep external building surfaces looking newer for longer, we brought Japanese photocatalyst technology into Australia through the ecotio2® brand in 2015. External surfaces benefited enormously from the self-cleaning properties of functional coatings.

Knowing functional coatings could work on internal surfaces with even more benefits, we saw the opportunity to bring this technology into our internal spaces.

ecotio²® was rebranded to ECOCLEAN in 2022 to align with our vision of protecting our world’s internal and external surfaces through the next generation of functional coatings.

A bold vision

Hear from Tony, the CEO of ECOTONE and ECOCLEAN, and why he is on a mission to bring the next generation of colour and functional coatings to deliver Stunningly Sustainable results in the built environment.

“As a chemist and a specialist building coatings supplier, I’m all about finding cost-effective, environmentally friendly, and easy-to-implement coating solutions. Long-lasting colour applications have done wonders to the Australian and New Zealand building landscape. I believe photocatalyst and nanocatalyst technologies are the next generation coatings and the answer to cleaner, safer indoor and outdoor environments.” — Tony Watling

Our brand values


We are inventive problem solvers, combining art, science, technology, and the wisdom of nature to make long-lasting coatings that protect us and our environment available to everyone.


Our vision is a safer and cleaner world in harmony with nature. Our coatings purify the air and clean many types of surfaces found in the built environment by mimicking how mother nature self-cleans the earth.


Our coatings work powerfully but invisibly. Sick Building Syndrome (SBS) is reduced in interior spaces and exterior surfaces benefit from the self-cleaning properties of functional coatings.


Our purpose to work together to clean and protect our world is too big to achieve alone. We collaborate with partners across our value chain to make the next generation of functional coatings available to more people.


We spend up to 90% of our time indoors enclosed in interior spaces that aren’t always healthy for us. Our coatings stop the spread of harmful compounds leading to healthier buildings and transportation systems.

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