ECOCLEAN is the next generation in functional coatings with many protective benefits in our world.

They are such clever coatings that most of our customers say they sound too good to be true.
But they are. TRUE.

Find the FAQs our customers typically ask our team.

What are Functional Coatings?

Functional Coatings are invisible coatings that mimic how mother nature self cleans the earth. They use catalysis to break down harmful compounds that come into contact with a coated surface. They can be applied to outdoor and indoor surfaces with a number of benefits including air purification, surface protection, and reduced cleaning and maintenance costs.

How do Functional Coatings work?

Functional Coatings use catalysis to break down harmful compounds. They deactivate substances such as viruses, bacteria, mould, dust, pollutants, odour, and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) rendering them harmless to humans and the environment.

What are the benefits of Functional Coatings?

Depending on the substrate and location, Functional Coatings have multiple benefits indoors and outdoors. This includes self-cleaning, improved Internal Air Quality (IAQ), reduction of lifecycle costs, anti-odour, anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-pollution, and graffiti resistance.

What is photocatalysis?

Photocatalysis is one of the forms of catalysis that Functional Coatings use to deactivate harmful substances. For photocatalysis to work, a coated surface needs daylight and moisture in the air. The photocatalyst coating absorbs daylight energy that leads to splitting the water molecules into oxidising species that decompose pollutants, odours, bacteria etc. These species return to being water and the process cycles continuously.

Can ECOCLEAN coatings work in the dark?

Most of the range that is used on internal surfaces has been designed to work in the dark. It still uses catalysis through an ion exchange process to deactivate harmful compounds.

Our external coatings use photocatalysis, which is why they are sometimes called photocatalyst coatings.

Why did you change the brand name of your Functional Coatings from ecotio₂ to ECOCLEAN?

We launched Functional Coatings in Australia and New Zealand in 2017 under the ecotio2 brand targeting external surfaces in the building industry. However, by 2022 the world had changed. We saw a big opportunity to extend the application of Functional Coatings to internal surfaces to protect our living and working spaces as well as our transportation systems. ECOCLEAN aligns with our bigger vision to make long-lasting coatings available to more people, across more surfaces – to protect us and our world.

Where did the technology for ECOCLEAN come from?

Photocatalysis is how mother nature self-cleans the earth. It was discovered by a Japanese scientist in 1967 and developed into product coating systems. Since then the technology has undergone thousands of successful applications on different asset and surface types. The technology has evolved to work in internal spaces without the need for light.

Where did Functional Coatings come to Australia and New Zealand?

Functional Coatings were first brought into Australia and New Zealand by our team in 2015 and have had many successful applications since. View our Case Studies to learn more.

Will ECOCLEAN change the appearance of a substrate?

Functional coatings are transparent in nature and form a thin film on application. They have been designed to allow surfaces to retain their natural aesthetics. If there are variations, they are minimal. Our floor coating Clean and Protect Shield increases the gloss level of some surfaces.

Are ECOCLEAN coating environmentally friendly?

Our products are Environmentally Net Positive which means they enhance the environment in which they are used. They turn harmful substances like airborne pollutants and VOCs into harmless by-products without the need for chemicals. They extend asset life and reduce maintenance costs making them a positive and sustainable environmental choice.

Do you do the application of ECOCLEAN coatings or do you just supply the products?

We can do both. Most of our customers prefer ‘supply and apply’ to have peace of mind and single-point responsibility backed by an application, and product warranty. However, we are looking for B2B partners to help more people benefit from the properties of Functional Coatings. To become a B2B partner, contact us here.

What outdoor surfaces can ECOCLEAN be applied to?

ECOCLEAN can be applied on a variety of outdoor surfaces. These include concrete, brickwork, masonry, stone, cladding, painted surfaces, glass, and solar panels. Learn more from Outdoor Surfaces.

What indoor surfaces can ECOCLEAN be applied to?

ECOCLEAN can be applied on a variety of indoor surfaces. These include tiled floors, painted surfaces, ceilings, desks, benchtops, bathroom equipment, lifts, and common touchpoints. Learn more from Indoor Surfaces.

How much does ECOCLEAN cost?

The cost is dependent on many factors such as project scope and size, location, access, and ECOCLEAN product solution. Please complete our Project Inquiry form and we will provide an estimate based on the best technical solution for your project.

Is there a warranty?

Yes, we will supply a warranty based on the specific project requirements.

If you have a question we haven’t thought of, we’d love to hear from you.

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