One of the main benefits of ECOCLEAN is self-cleaning when applied to surfaces exposed to light and water.

ECOCLEAN self-cleaning coatings keep buildings and infrastructure looking newer for longer, extending asset life, reducing maintenance costs, and preserving our natural resources.

Buildings in the natural environment

When building materials like concrete are exposed to the elements they are prone to carbonation and the build-up of black algae.

Very quickly, a building can lose its aesthetic appeal, look unsightly and become an eyesore in the urban landscape.

ECOCLEAN serves as a long-lasting cleaning agent able to seal the pores and break down harmful substances at a surface level to keep buildings looking as good as new.

How photocatalysis works

Surfaces coated with ECOCLEAN help reduce the absorption of dust and other particles. The coatings attract water molecules that get under dirt and stains, which are broken down and washed away by rain.

A surface coated with ECOCLEAN reduces the absorption of dust and other particles.

It attracts water molecules which are broken down by sunlight resulting in activated oxygen.

Activated oxygen continuously breaks down dirt at the surface which is washed away by rain.

Seeing is believing

 ECOCLEAN works at a molecular level, beyond what we can see with the naked eye. Rest assured this is how mother nature also self-cleans the earth.

Watch our video to see how photocatalysis would clean and protect everyday surfaces in your world.

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