To say COVID-19 has not changed our world forever would be an understatement.

Scientists say our new norm is to live with contagious viruses that can turn on us anytime. This is why we want more people to benefit from the antiviral properties of ECOCLEAN coatings to protect us in our world.

ECOCLEAN deactivates viruses

Our long-lasting antiviral coating system breaks down airborne viruses that come into contact with a coated surface.

The oxidising functionality of ECOCLEAN coatings rupture the cell walls of a virus rendering it inactive to the spread of further contamination and infection.

Watch our video to see how we apply and measure the benefits of ECOCLEAN Antiviral coatings.

ECOCLEAN’s Fast Action

ECOCLEAN Antiviral coatings have been evaluated for the effective deactivation of COVID-19 and other viruses.

In less than 10 minutes, any surface coated with ECOCLEAN can significantly reduce the infection and spread of viruses.

ECOCLEAN are long-lasting coatings which means they work continuously without the need for frequent application.

World-leading Japanese technology

  • Tested to multiple global standards
  • Works 24/7, continuously breaking down harmful bacteria
  • Clear and invisible with no impact to surface appearance
  • Environmentally net positive surface coating

Where to use ECOCLEAN Antiviral Coatings

The antiviral benefits and ease of application of our ECOCLEAN coating systems mean they can be used across multiple industries and locations. Public places and spaces are protected for many years due to the long-lasting benefits of ECOCLEAN.

ECOCLEAN Antiviral Benefits


Tested to Japanese and global standards for effective antiviral protection (ISO 21702)

24/7 Day & Night

Works continuously on contact and even in the dark beyond normal everyday cleaning


Works on walls, floors, furniture, painted surfaces, concrete, common touchpoints & more


Mimics how much nature self-cleans the earth without the need for toxic chemicals


ECOCLEAN coatings systems are invisible meaning they don’t change surface appearance


Protects against the infection and spread of all forms of viruses

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