How it works

ECOCLEAN coatings use Japanese technology that has undergone years of testing and thousands of successful surface applications.


Based on light and other forms of catalysis, the technology removes harmful substances from surfaces while purifying the air.

ECOCLEAN’s Self-cleaning technology

Photocatalysis harnesses the natural power of light to break down substances like odours, viruses, bacteria, fungi, dust, and mould.

It serves as an environmentally friendly self-cleaning agent with air purification properties.

ECOCLEAN coatings are effective with sunlight and indoor lighting. Some have been designed to work without the energy of light.

How ECOCLEAN protects our world

Internal Air Quality (IAQ)
Anti Viral
Anti Bacterial
Anti Odour
Anti-pollution / Sustainability
Internal Air Quality (IAQ)
Extended Asset Life
Graffiti Resistance
Reduce lifetime cleaning costs

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