Mould is a type of fungi that thrives in damp and poorly ventilated areas.

It grows on surfaces and spreads easily through airborne spores that can cause harm to humans, animals, and plants.

ECOCLEAN deactivates mould

Our long-lasting antimould coating system breaks down surface and airborne mould that comes into contact with a coated surface.

The oxidising functionality of ECOCLEAN ruptures the cell wall of a mould spore rendering it inactive.

This significantly reduces the risk of contamination and infection.

Watch our animation to see how mould and other harmful compounds are deactivated by ECOCLEAN coatings.

Seeing is believing

Shown is an image of mould control experiments where surfaces on a hut in a wet jungle were partially coated with our Antimould coating system over a long period of time.

The difference between the coated and uncoated surfaces is easy to see. ECOCLEAN coatings provide powerful and long-term defenses against airborne and surface mould.

Where to use ECOCLEAN Antimould Coatings

The antimould benefits and ease of application of our ECOCLEAN coating systems mean they can be used across multiple industries and locations. Public places and spaces are protected for many years due to the long-lasting benefits of ECOCLEAN.

ECOCLEAN Antimould Benefits


Tested to Japanese standards for effective antimould protection

24/7 Day & Night

Works continuously on contact and even in the dark beyond normal everyday cleaning


ECOCLEAN coatings systems are invisible meaning they don’t change surface appearance


Mimics how much nature self cleans the earth without the need for toxic chemicals


Protects against the infection and spread of a variety of mould related illnesses


Works on walls, floors, furniture, painted surfaces, concrete, common touchpoints & more

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