Odour emitting products and activities are a common part of daily life.

ECOCLEAN removes unpleasant odours that come into contact with a coated surface including those that impact human health.

ECOCLEAN Deodorising Benefits

ECOCLEAN coatings have been independently laboratory tested on a wide range of common substances responsible for acrid smells and health issues.

These substances are the source of unpleasant odours in a range of environments including bathrooms, smoking areas, gyms, and areas near food waste.

Substance Type of smell Health Concerns Main Sources
Formaldehyde Foul odour Can cause headaches, nausea, and swelling of mucous membrane Paints, furniture, and building materials
Acetaldehyde Pungent smell Low levels can cause eye, nose and throat irritation, respiratory tract irritation and increse heart rate. Higher levels have much more sever consequences Cigarettes
Xylene Smell of gasoline Depending on concentration- headaches, dizziness, nausea and vomiting. Long-term exposure may lead to more sever impact including irritability, depression, insomnia, extreme tiredness, tremors, impaired concentration and short-term memory. Solvent and preservatives
Ammonia Urine smell Dangerous to the eyes and can cause skin irritation Excreta, rest rooms and cigarettes
Trimethylamine Smell of bad fish Irritation to the eyes, skin and mucous membranes. Corrosive Garbage
Isovaleric acid Smell of smelly sock Emotional distress and unpleasantness Human body

ECOCLEAN Anti-odour Results

Surfaces coated with our ECOCLEAN Anti-odour coatings significantly reduce unpleasant smells even when measured over a short time.

As quickly as 2 hours from application, toilet odours, food, and gym smells are reduced beyond recognition.

ECOCLEAN Where to use it?

The deodorising properties and ease of application of our ECOCLEAN coating systems mean they can benefit multiple industries and locations. This is why we believe they are the next generation in functional coatings to protect us and our world.

ECOCLEAN Anti-odour Benefits


Works continuously to clean and purify the air we breathe


Environmentally net positive – safe for people and animals


Continous protection on application so no need to reapply


Protects against the infection and spread of a variety of illnesses


Protects surfaces from mould development and spread


Mimics how much nature self cleans the earth without the need for toxic chemicals

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