Reduced Maintenance Costs

Buildings and infrastructure are valuable assets that are impacted by environmental factors.

ECOCLEAN protects and preserves building surfaces, significantly reducing maintenance budgets.

The Benefits of ECOCLEAN


Clear coatings that keep buildings and facades looking as good as new


Protects surfaces reducing repair or replacement costs


Significantly reduces the frequency of cleaning over time


No high-pressure cleaning or chemical treatment required


Benefits concrete, stone, cladding, glass and more


Surfaces dry quicker meaning less build-up of pollutants

Proven Results from Japan

In Japan, products like ECOCLEAN have been commercially used to clean and protect buildings for decades. Because they are long-lasting coatings, this is our main source of long-term results and case studies.

As an example, a building that uses functional coatings only needs to be cleaned 2X every 10 years. A building without a functional coating needs to be cleaned 6X in 10 years. This is a significant saving in time, resources, and costs.

ECOCLEAN coatings in Australia

The Parramatta Eels Club car park is an example of our functional coatings removing the barriers to having white or fair-faced concrete in building designs. The self-cleaning properties of ECOCLEAN help buildings look as good as new while reducing maintenance costs. This enables striking light colours to be more prevalent in our built environment.

Tony Watling

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