Environmentally Net Positive

We’re a company that supports having a net positive impact on society and the environments in which we live and work.

Our sustainability goals have moved beyond reduction to putting more back into our environment and economy than is taken away.

What is Net Positive?

Net positive is a new way of looking at sustainability beyond aiming for zero. To live in a sustainable world, we need to move beyond reducing the negative impact we have on our planet to creating products and solutions that build back better through net positive impact.

Net Positive Functional Coatings


ECOCLEAN coatings are a net positive range of long-lasting coatings with multiple benefits when applied to exterior and interior surfaces. They mimic how mother nature self-cleans the earth through cycles that break down harmful compounds in the air and on surfaces without toxic chemicals.

Whether it’s people, our planet, or our living places, ECOCLEAN coatings have been designed to protect us and our world.

  • Safe for humans
  • Improved Internal Air Quality (IAQ)
  • Breaks down mould, viruses, and bacteria
  • Safe for animals
  • Better use of resources
  • Non-toxic to the environment
  • Increased asset life & protection
  • Reduced maintenance/ refurbishment costs
  • Breaks down pollutants

Japanese technology
made new

Watch the video to learn about the Horyuji Temple  – the oldest wooden building in the world with clues that led to the invention of functional coatings in Japan.

The temple’s 1000-year-old appearance has been preserved by the antimicrobial protection found in the wood of the Japanese cypress tree.

The ECOCLEAN range is based on similar Japanese technology that has undergone thousands of successful applications on buildings and surfaces found in our modern world.