Product Benefits

ECOCLEAN coatings have almost magical abilities in protecting surfaces in our urban spaces.

They improve building wellness, result in safer transportation systems, and reduce the costs associated with maintaining our building infrastructure.

They work by decomposing the harmful compounds found in the air, on surfaces, and common touchpoints – protecting us and our world.

Internal Air Quality (IAQ)
Anti Viral
Anti Bacterial
Anti Odour
Anti-pollution / Sustainability
Extended Asset Life
Graffiti Resistance
Reduce lifetime cleaning costs

Environmentally Net Positive

ECOCLEAN coatings have a net positive environmental impact.

They benefit people, our planet, and the places we live, work, and move.

Sound too good to be true?

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ECOCLEAN benefits by surface type


When we spend so much time indoors, ECOCLEAN coatings purify the air we breathe and clean the common surfaces and touchpoints we interact with every day

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ECOCLEAN does wonders to maintain the exterior surfaces of buildings saving huge investment in cleaning, maintenance, and replenishment costs

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